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21.03.2009 11:00

Two Malaga victories at Nou Camp

Edgar Fornós

Malaga CF has only managed to win twice at Nou Camp. The last time came 27 years after their first in the 1971-72 season.

Barça next league opponents Malaga has only managed to win on two occasions at Nou Camp. Their first was on May 14th 1972, when Malaga beat Barça 0-1. Their second victory came 27 years later, during the 1999-2000 season when they won 1-2. Of the remaining 25 games, Barça has won 24 and drawn one.

Winning return to the top flight

Malaga celebrated their return to the top flight after nine years by beating Luis Van Gaal’s Barça in the 1999-2000 season 1-2. Malaga was then under coach Joaquín Peiró and surprised Barça by getting two goals in twelve minutes, with Agostinho and Valcarce being the scorers. Barça got one back through Winston Bogarde.

Victory during their best ever season

malaga_x6x.jpgMalaga achieved their best-ever league position at the end of the 1971-72 season finishing 7th. On the last day of the season, the team then led by Ros Carmona managed to beat Barça for the first time in their history at Nou Camp 0-1 with a goal from Huerta Álvarez.

In the UEFA zone

Malaga visits Nou Camp 6th in the league and occupying a UEFA qualifying position. After a shaky start to the league, the team led by Antonio Tapia now look like they could end up being the revelation of the season.
Two Malaga victories at Nou Camp
Guardiola played in last Malaga win
FC Barcelona’s current coach Josep Guardiola was team captain on the day at Nou Camp when Barça last lost to Malaga in the 1999-2000 season. He was substituted by Dutch player Zenden in the 67th minute.

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