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11.03.2009 23:58

Eto'o: “I wanted to dedicate my goal to the fans”


Cameroon striker, Samuel Eto'o, celebrated his 28th birthday with a great goal that he dedicated to the fans.

Eto'o thanked the fans for all their support match after match: “I wanted to dedicate my goal to the fans and send them my thanks. If we have fans like tonight on every matchday, we’ll definitely not draw again”.

Eto'o also highlighted the performance of team mate Thierry Henry, who scored the first two goals: “Titi's performance really stood out and I’m happy for him because in comparison with last season, things are coming off well for him”.

Here are some more of the Barça players’ post match comments:


“We’re very happy about this win”.

“The most important thing was the team performance”.

“One tie down, another one to come”.

“Right now we have to think about the league and take things one step at a time”.

“I’m really happy for Henry and also for Keita”.


“We played against a very good team”.

“When you play well you can win and score a lot of goals”.

“Although I enjoyed my goals, I also enjoyed the game and the way we played”.

“I’m happy for Arsenal”.


QM3D2357.jpg“The most important thing for us is qualifying”.

“We played against a great team and it’s logical that they got the better of us at some moments”.

“We’ve played some very good games before this one”.


“There was a certain connection between the players and the fans and that’s very important”.

“It was one of the best first halves I’ve seen”.

“The best bit about the match was the teamwork”.

“I was very comfortable today just like the rest of the players”

“To be European champions we have to play all the teams and beat them”.


“We played really well in the first half. A nearly perfect match”.

“As soon as we lost concentration our opponents took advantage”.

“FC Barcelona is a team on the way up”.


QM3D1910.jpg“We had a great advantage after the first half”.

“We had a great feeling at the end of the first half”.

“We’re alive in three competitions”.

“I’m feeling very good and let’s hope there are no further setbacks”.
Eto'o: “I wanted to dedicate my goal to the fans”
Training at 12 PM
Sergio Busquets and Víctor Sánchez passed a routine dope test at the end of the match.

Training on Thursday will be held on Thursday at 12.00 with the focus on the league match against Almeria. Afterwards, Xavi Hernández will speak at a press conference.

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