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17.02.2009 12:51

Contrasting fortunes

Roger Bogunyà

This Saturday’s derby brings together two rivals in very different situations. It pits the leader against the bottom placed team, with 42 points separating them.

Barça and Espanyol meet for the fourth time this season on Saturday, but although they were level on seven points each when they met in the first league game, there is now a gap of 42 between them, Barça having gone on to collect 53 points and Espanyol just 11.

Big difference

bf1f6396.jpgIn fact, this is the biggest points difference ever when the two sides have met. In 2005/06, when Rijkaard’s side was already champion, Espanyol went to the Camp Nou 41 points behind the Blaugrana, but this year, and after just 23 games, there is an even bigger difference between them.

Second time top against bottom

This is only the second time there has been a derby with Barça top of the league and Espanyol bottom. The last time it happened was in 1963/64, when Barça had 20 points and Espanyol 7 after 13 games. The game was played at Sarrià.
Contrasting fortunes
Biggest differences at Camp Nou
The following are the Barça v Espanyol derbies played at the Camp Nou that have seen the biggest gap between the two clubs.

2008/09: 42 points (g. 24)
2005/06: 41 points (g. 37)
2003/04: 29 points (g. 35)
2006/07: 24 points (g. 37)
2004/05: 17 points (g. 26)
1990/91: 16 points (g. 20)
1991/92: 16 points (g. 18)
1963/64: 15 points (g. 29)
1981/82: 15 points (g. 30)
1998/99: 15 points (g. 26)
2007/08: 15 points (g. 33)

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