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01.02.2009 19:51

Guardiola highlights team effort

Anna Segura

Barça had a great game and dominated possession, but “we struggled to generate enough chances” said Guardiola, who is remaining cautious, but admits this game “was a huge step forward ".

In his pre-match press conference after the match with Racing Santander, Josep Guardiola admitted that the visit to the Sardinero was important for the league. The Barça manager believes "we have won at a ground that Barça have historically found difficult". With the win in the bag, the Barça manager remained prudent, but didn’t wish to deny that "we have taken a huge step forward".

Need to create danger

Barça dominated from start to finish but Guardiola said "we struggled to create danger". He also felt "we struggled to find the goal … the only problem we have had is that we played well but weren’t shooting at goal enough … but we deserved the win."

Team’s hunger

This is by no means the first Barça comeback that Guardiola has masterminded. He feels these achievements show the "keenness, and the hunger to continue” despite going behind.

Josep Guardiola also reckons the team was "very strong mentally", an aspect he values especially positively.


Bringing Leo Messi on in the 58th minute was, according to Guardiola intended to "make our play more vertical." And he couldn’t deny that his entrance changed the course of the game. "Leo is a player in capital letters and in 10 or 15 minutes he’s the kind of player that can tip the balance.”

He also felt tat Argentinian’s second goal was pure brilliance, but did not want to forget the rest of his team, and the amazing effort they had put into the game.
Guardiola highlights team effort
Absences against Sporting
Márquez and Piqué were both sent off, while Alves is now suspended after his fifth booking of the season. So none of the trio will be available for next Sunday’s meeting with Sporting Gijón, while Carles Puyol is out inured. But none of that is a major concern for Josep Guardiola who said “we’ll see what we can do against Sporting. We’ll press on with what we’ve got and with reserve team players." In whatever case, he has no intention of risking bringing back Puyol before he is ready.

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