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31.12.2007 13:45

Bojan: “It has been my best year”

Roger Bogunyà

For Bojan, 2007 will be a year to remember. He made his first team debut and scored League goals for Barça, beating several records in the process. The player considers it to have been the best year of his life.

But he hopes this is just the start of it. “It will be hard for 2008 to top 2007 for me, but I hope to be at the same level” said Bojan, before saying that it was “as if I was living in a dream … I have been in the first team for some time and little by little I am feeling better and adapting better”.

Plenty of time left

entrenament311207_x3x.jpgBojan insisted that the league is by no means over yet, because “We are still in the first half of the season. There are two games left and then all of the return matches. The league is not decided until the last minute”.

Seeking to improve

rpbojan311207_x1x.jpgBut the players know that it simply would not do for things to continue as they have up until now. Bojan said that “We are aware that we are starting a year in which we have to improve things” and added that it is particularly the side’s away form that needs to get better.

Ronaldinho, a box of surprises

The youngster doesn’t understand why so many people seem to have it in for Ronaldinho these days. “He should be respected for everything he has achieved. He surprises me every day. He is the same as ever and does things that only he can. Anybody would want him in their team” said Bojan.
Bojan: “It has been my best year”

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Support for Jorquera
The striker also spoke in support of Jorquera, who was injured in Saturday’s game with the Catalan national side. “Albert is a great professional and I am sure he will get over this, despite the injury”, commented Bojan.

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