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22.11.2007 20:50

Iniesta: "Edmílson admits that he made a mistake”

David Puig

Andrés Iniesta told reporters on Thursday evening that Edmílson had clarified his controversial remarks made in a TV interview: "Edmilson has apologised and admitted his mistake”.

Edmílson recently gave an interview on Catalan TV in which he suggested that some members of the squad were not pulling their weight. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday evening, Iniesta revealed that the Brazilian had spoken to the squad and apologised:

“Edmílson asked to speak to us and apologised. He faced up to us and admitted that he made a mistake. He told us that he hadn’t been right in what he said but that he hadn’t intended to rubbish the squad but simply give a general opinion. It was a very positive meeting”.

Away form

Turning to purely sporting matters, Iniesta admitted that the team had to do better away from home and that there was no time like the present to break a negative run: “We’re not doing things right away from home. I don’t believe it’s down to any specific reason - attitude, tactics, etc. I think it’s a general problem that we have to resolve quickly because otherwise it’ll be difficult to win titles. Right now we’ve got two difficult away games but...they’re a good touchstone to break the bad run”.
Iniesta: “Edmílson admits that he made a mistake”

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Learning from past experiences
Iniesta also pointed out that there had been too much focus last season on non-football matters: “We have to learn from what happened last year. People talked more about non-sporting issues than football itself and we all know what happened. We have to take note and try not to repeat the situation. We have to forget about all of this and work on improving the team, above all away from the Camp Nou”.

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