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19.11.2007 20:05

“We can’t live on memories, we have to live in the present”

Jaume Marcet

Oleguer Presas accepts that certain things are still missing before the team can reach a certain level, but does not believe it is fair to compare the current Barça to that of seasons gone by.

Oleguer Presas has spoken clearly and concisely to the media without wishing to create controversy.

The present is what counts

It is two years since the day when Barça won at the Bernabeu and the Madrid supporters applauded their football, and Oleguer described that moment as “a nice memory” but added that “we can’t live on memories, we have to live for the present and the future. Things have changed since that day, some for better others for worse.”

Not disappointed

Oleguer does not feel that he was made the scapegoat of the shock loss in Villarreal. The former Gramenet star said “we have to be aware that we have a great squad, I have to keep working to get a first team place, I am not disappointed”.

Details to improve

“It is not a matter of a lack of mentality, we are missing a bit of everything in away games, a bit more aggression, mentality, football” said Oleguer when asked about the team’s poor form on the road.

Away supporters

Although due to his strongly pro-Catalan political views he tends to bear the brunt of the away fans’ ire, Oleguer does not allow this to bother him. “I only care about Rijkaard’s opinion and that of the coaching staff and I don’t think non-sporting issues should influence things” he explained.
“We can’t live on memories, we have to live in the present”

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