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11.11.2007 13:52

Valdés: “There is still time and we can sort it out”

Miriam Nadal

Víctor Valdés has admitted to the press this Sunday that the team is looking into what is happening in their games away from the Nou Camp. According to the keeper, it’s a tactical problem - giving away too much space and a well organised opposition.

According to Valdés, the team is trying to work out how it is that they haven’t dropped a single point at home but can’t manage the same away from the Nou Camp. “We’re giving away points away from home. Obviously, you can’t drop points at home if you want to win the league, but we have to examine our game in away matches to see what we’re doing right and where we could be better”, added the man from Hospitalet. Despite this, Valdés is confident they can improve in time; the season is very long and there is enough time to sort out their problems. “There’s still time, there’s a long way to go and we can sort it out”.

The system didn’t work in Getafe

entrenament_111107_x1x.jpgThe keeper reckons it’s not a problem of attitude but one of football: “The problem is a tactical one, a footballing one. Yesterday we gave too much space to quick players who hit us on the counter attack. Our system didn’t work,” said Valdés.

The player says it’s not a mental problem or a lack of motivation: “It’s not a case of not having the desire because we go out onto every pitch to win, but the opposition set out their stalls very well in the game. They played with great intelligence and knew how to play against us. This makes it difficult for us to get results”.

Less space

Valdés’s opinion is that there is too much space between defence and midfield, and midfield and attack, that the players are too separated. “We didn’t play as a team. I mean within the system. Our system is based on close lines and maximum pressure. This wasn’t the case yesterday (Saturday). We left too much space and in this sense we didn’t play as a team”, explained Valdés.

Asked about whether there might be a change in tactics for away games, he said that that was a decision for the coaching staff.
Valdés: “There is still time and we can sort it out”

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Learning from our mistakes
Valdés admits that all the team, coaching staff and players, are looking at their mistakes and trying to learn from what happens on the pitch. “We’ve come through worse situations”, he concluded.

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