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24.07.2007 11:02

Seirul•lo: "This week is the most important"

Sandra Sarmiento

FC Barcelona's physical trainer Paco Seirul•lo believes that the first week of pre-season is the most important of the summer for the players.

Speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, Seirul•lo outlined the training plan for the Blaugrana squad in these early days of preparation and explained why he believes now is a crucial time.

Why is this week so important towards preparing for the season?

"Between now and when we are in Japan there are three weeks and I think that this one is the most important because it is the initial stage when we can put in the most demanding work. When we are in entrenomatiescocia24707_x26x.jpgJapan attention will turn to elements of playqwith the games over there and then we will return having done everything necessary. In the final week before the season the sessions will be shorter and quicker.

When the league starts will you not be able to work in the same way?

"This season the league calendar is very busy and it will be a case of playing and recuperating. So what is not done now will be very difficult to catch up on later."

What type of work are you going to do?

"We will increase the volume of resistance and strength work so that we can turn that into speed before the league starts."

Is that because in Japan it will be more difficult to do that given the change of time zone and teh climate?

"Jet-lag and the drastic change in trmperature, as well as the humidity, will not allow us to do anything other than short bursts and then to use the games to find some more of our rhythm. Between games we will not be able work with that much intensity and that is why now is so important."

The aim is to reach the start of the season in what kind of condition, what percentage of total fitness?

"Saying a percentage is very difficult. What is important is that we are in a position to win games. We have the duty from day one to win. We must also be a in position to play at a very high level. Not at our very best, but certainly close."
Seirul•lo: “This week is the most important“
Extra players
The difference between now and last year is that this time you have almost the entire squad here.

"Yes. The players that missed out had to play catch-up. That was the great difference. Out of the players that started the season last year only about five had done all the training. This the majority will have, around 18 or 20."

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