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24.07.2007 10:42

Barça’s excess baggage

Anna Segura

FC Barcelona's players are enjoying a pre-season trip to Scotland with everything laid on for them, but it is the team responsible for all the equipment that came with them from Catalunya who are ensuring that the operation runs smoothly.

The players, coaches and the rest of the staff who are staying in St. Andrews all require a large amount of clothing and accessories to make their stay go well. For the six-day trip, the kit men have brought ten metal trunks and 24 bags of clothing that will be required.

Players clothes

During the trip the squad will train twice a day, except for match-days when they will train only once, and during this time they will need 300 pairs of shorts, 70 pairs of trousers, 30 pairs of three-quarter length trousers, 300 shirts, 75 sweat shirts, 75 rain jackets and 300 pairs of socks. Added to that is four complete sets of home kit and two sets of the new away kit.

The travelling party will also need off-pitch clothing and for that 120 polo shirts and 90 pairs of Bermuda shorts have been taken.

Coaching equipment

The coaching staff have their own requirements and 50 sweat shirts, 100 training tops, 75 pairs of shorts and 90 polo shirts have been taken for them.

As well as clothing, the kit men have taken 40 footballs, four sets of 30 bibs, each set a different colour, and 50 training cones.
Barça’s excess baggage
Four pairs of boots
One of the most important pieces of equipment for player is boots and each squad member needs four pairs each. In total, 100 pairs have been taken to Scotland for the trip as well as 50 pairs of flip-flops for the showers.

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