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23.06.2008 10:55

Rijkaard looks back


The Dutch coach has looked back over his five years as Barça coach in an interview with club media in which he says he is grateful for having been able to work at FC Barcelona.

Proud of the job he has done and the titles won. Frank Rijkaard says he has “unforgettable” memories of 17 May 2006 in Paris and praises all the players he’s worked with over the last five years. He takes stock of his time at the club in a very personal interview which club members will find in the “BARÇA Magazine”. Here are some extracts:

Five intense years

QM3D1235.jpg“Often the feelings and emotions we have inside are stronger than a word. These five years have been very intense. You could compare it with when you get on one of those really fast trains: one day you look back and you’re amazed at the way time has flown.”

The surroundings

“In Holland some things are the same as at Barça. I’ve understood the pressure of the surroundings since I was a youth player at Ajax. In Amsterdam we used the same expression. Surroundings? It means what happens outside the club and can affect the team. The surroundings here were no surprise to me.”

The example of Ferguson

QM3D1271.jpg“English football and our football are not at all similar. Here we have elections and chairmen bring their own staffs, while at a club like Manchester United there is just one owner and it works like a company. It might change, but everything stays the same. And that doesn’t happen at Barça. Here every so often the organization, the structure, and even the philosophy changes, which is almost like going back to square one. Ferguson can spend years in charge of the team: that isn’t very likely here.”

The strength of the team

“Coaches can say as much as they want, but without the team nothing works. I’d take Puyol. He’s the captain and stands for the spirit of the team and generosity. And I’d also like to mention Ronaldinho. He’s been crucial in getting people excited again and making them happy. He’s been really important. Barça’s won and lost with him. But without Ronaldinho we wouldn’t have won more than before.”
Rijkaard looks back
Rijkaard speaks
The complete interview will also be broadcast on Barça TV, in the programme “El Quadrat Verd”.

-Monday 23 at 12.15 and at 20.00
-Tuesday 24 at 14.00
-Wednesday 25 at 10.00
-Saturday 28 at 18.00
-Sunday 29 at 21.15

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