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18.06.2008 10:58

The voices of experience on Pep


Several former first team managers and people that have been closely associated to Pep Guardiola and Barça agree that the choice of new manager was a good one.

The June edition of the Barça Magazine is a special dedicated to the club’s managers, which has provided an excellent opportunity to collect some views on the selection of Pep Guardiola as the new man in charge at FCB. From Laureano Ruiz to Eusebio Sacristán, they all feel Pep is the man for the job, being somebody who knows the club, is intelligent, hardworking and will bring all the enthusiasm that the role requires.

Ex manager of FC Barcelona (1975/76)

laureanoruiz009.jpg“Guardiola was an extraordinary player. He has been chosen because he meets the ideal conditions for the job. He was already acting as a coach on the pitch when he played. Against him, I’d say that no great player has made a great coach, apart from Cruyff. But of course I hope he triumphs”.

Ex FC Barcelona player (1973-1978)
Ex manager of FC Barcelona (1988-1996)

QM3D5591.jpg“The choice of Pep Guardiola as head coach follows the idea of maintaining the same lines, and the same basic idea of football. And Pep knows the place to perfection and so he also knows the difficulties. It will be hard for things to take him by surprise. As a player he knew what the game consists of. And now, on the outside, he knows even more”.

Ex manager of FC Barcelona (1996/97)

ROBSON.JPG“Everybody has to start somehow. All I can say about Pep Guardiola is that he was an extraordinary player, intelligent, clever, he knew the game, and he had an exquisite past, precise, accurate. He never lost the ball; he knew how to maintain possession and how to turn the pace of the game, diagonal passes here, and more vertical balls there. He knew how to make himself available to colleagues and then play the ball at the precise moment. He was very perspective, hard working and had all qualities required of a captain. It comes as no surprise to me that he has become a manager. He loves football, and therefore he should make a great coach. Especially if he can conserve the ambition he showed he had as a player. He is a good choice. I am confident that the fans will give him the time, patience and understanding that he needs to be a success.”

Ex manager of FC Barcelona (2000/01)

serraferrer1.jpg“Pep was a formidably intelligent player on the pitch, with perfect positional play. He always knew where he had to be and marked the pace of games. And because of his age, and being the Barça man he is, he has the best possible combination of ambition and enthusiasm for the task, and I wish him every success”.

Ex FC Barcelona player (1972-1980)
Ex member of the Barça coaching staff

DE_LA_CRUZ_xENTRENADORx.JPG“He has great footballing vision, and also a huge capacity to work. I don't agree at all with the people that say he lacks experience, because that is no guarantee of success. What he needs is everybody’s support in order to feel he is being backed up on his decisions”.

Ex FC Barcelona player (1971-1980)
Ex reserve team coach

“I have known him since he joined as a youth player because I worked with him in the under 14s. Experience? Ever since he was a lad he used to act as a coach in our training sessions”.

Ex FC Barcelona player (1988-1995)
Member of the Barça coaching staff (2003-08)

eusebio2.jpg“I think it was a great idea to go for a man like Pep Guardiola. This decision guarantees that the style and playing philosophy will be continued. Pep knows the place well, but most of all he is a very intelligent and capable person. The passion he puts into the job will be contagious and he can help to change the current mood at the club”.
The voices of experience on Pep
An old friend
Ex FC Barcelona player (1981-1988)

“Pep has the handicap of a lack of experience, but he’ll have the support and help of everybody as he works on defining a new sports project. If the club has put its confidence in him, it because he is ready”.

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