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04.06.2008 10:27

Touré: “Next season will be better”

Berta Brau

Touré Yaya is still immersed in his recovery programme, and has said “little by little I am getting over my troubles and in a couple of weeks I will be back to full fitness”.

Touré Yaya has had a massive impact on the defensive midfield aspect of FC Barcelona since he came to the club, but a slipped disc has blighted much of his season, on which he was operated on May 13. The Ivorian told Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat how things are going and what he expects from the team next year.

- What stage of your recovery have you reached?

“Last week I worked in the gym and on the pitch. I think it’s all going well now.”

- What is everyday life like?

“Little by little I am getting over my troubles and in a couple of weeks I will be back to full fitness.”

- Have you started ball work?

“I’m not using the ball yet, I’m mainly in the gym because it’s important for a player to do a lot of work in the gym before going onto the field.”

- How’s the back?

“I’m really pleased because it’s much better now and doesn’t bother me as much. To be honest, I don’t know how I managed to play with so much pain because it was really bad. But everything’s fine now.”

- Talking about the summer are you looking forward to well-deserved holiday?

“Yes. In three weeks time I’m off to the Ivory Coast and then I’ll be back in Barcelona.”

- Do you think you’ll be fit for the pre-season and the season after?

“Yes, I need two more weeks of intense training and then I’ll be able to train normally with the rest of the group.”

- At the moment Barça have bolstered the defence through the signings of Seydou Keita and Gerard Piqué. What do you think of those two players?

QM3D0087.JPG“I think that physically and technically they’re two important signings. I know Seydou Keita, he is a very physical player, he’ll help the team. As for Gerard Piqué, I don’t know much about him but I’ve seen him in some games, like against Roma, and I think he’s a strong player that will help the club.”

- In his first interview as a Barça player, Seydou Keita said he knew you and was looking forward to playing alongside you and making the Barça defence unpierceable.

“I think Keita really wants to win things with Barça because he is a very good player with a good mentality, I know all about him because we played at the African Nations Cup and he’ll help us a lot.”

- As for next season, you’ll be playing under Pep Guardiola. Have you had the chance to speak with him?

“I haven’t spoken to him but I think he is somebody who will be able to help the club because last season was pretty bad and we need to sign new players to get better. But I think he is a club man and that can help the team a lot”.

- What did you personally make of your first season at Barça?

tourx-recre-fcb.jpg“The people around me tell me I had a good season, but all I know is that Barça didn’t win anything. Truth is, it’s been a hard season for me especially because I got injured three or four times and it’s not easy, as I have never had so many injuries. Finishing third was very poor but I am convinced that next season will be better than the last.”
Touré: “Next season will be better”

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African strength

- There are more and more Africans doing well in Europe. Do you think the future of football is in Africa?

“Yes, because I think these are good times for African football, and for African players to be playing for clubs like Chelsea, Barça and Madrid is very nice. I think African football needs a lot of help because the problem is that there aren’t many people in Africa to give that help. But if you look at teams like Ghana you see they have 5 or 6 players playing in European teams. Internationally, the teams haven’t gone to far in World Cups but the next one is in South Africa, and African teams will be able to get to the semi finals or even the final.”

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