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19.05.2008 11:02

The League in figures

Jordi Clos

With the League Championship over, Samuel Eto'o is Barça’s top goalscorer, Valdés the one who has played most and Deco the one who has received the most cards.

The 3-5 win at Murcia was Barça’s 38th and last League game in the 2007/08 season with the victory confirming the Catalans’ third spot. Samuel Eto'o notched the first goal to strengthen his position as Barça’s top goalscorer. That is just one of the stats from a championship which is now over.

Eto'o, top goalscorer

fcb-llevant_x3x.jpgBarça scored the second highest number of goals of any team in the League with a total of 76. The side’s leading goalscorer is Samuel Eto'o, with 16, followed by Thierry Henry with 12 and Messi and Bojan who both found the net on 10 occasions. Turning to assists, where counting is a lot more subjective, Messi and Henry also had a leading role. Depending on the source, the Argentinean created between 13 and 10 goals, while the Frenchman provided between 9 and 7 assists.

The side’s goals against column has got a lot worse over the last three games and has ended up with a total of 43. Nevertheless Víctor Valdés stands second in the list of goalkeepers who’ve conceded fewest (35 goals in 35 games). Barça has shot at goal 566 times and its opponents have made 420 attempts.

Many more penalties against than in favour

Even though Barça tends to be significantly better than its opponents in possession and reaching the box, it has only been awarded 7 penalties while 11 have been given against it. Deco has been shown the most number of cards, getting 10 of the 85 yellows awarded to the team. He is followed by Puyol with 8 while third spot is shared by Touré Yaya, Zambrotta, Márquez and Milito on 7 each. Only Deportivo has been shown fewer yellow cards.

Valdés plays most

Valdxs-sevilla-fcb_x4x.jpgAccording to LFP figures, Víctor Valdés has spent most time on the pitch (3150) followed by Xavi (2909 min) and Iniesta (2614 min). 28 players have been used with Valdés and Xavi having the most appearances at 35 each. Five Barça B players have made their debuts this season: Pedrito, Víctor Sánchez, Víctor Vázquez, Fali and Rueda.
The League in figures
The stats

16: Eto'o
12: Henry
10: Messi and Bojan


13-10: Messi
9-7: Henry


3150: Valdés
2909: Xavi
2614: Iniesta

Yellow cards

10: Deco
8: Puyol
7: Zambrotta, Iniesta, Márquez and Milito

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