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17.05.2008 23:58

Laporta: "Now we need to be strong"


Barça closed their 2007-08 season against Murcia, and their president Joan Laporta recognized that throughout the campaign the results “weren’t always great”, but he now believes Barça “needs to be strong and to look forward to the new cycle”.

Barça closed their 2007-08 season with a festival of goals against Murcia in la Nueva Condomina (3-5). Just after the game the Barça president said “a cycle has come to an end that in general has bought us some beautiful moments and glory”.

Joan Laporta also stated that “all cycles must come to an end, and people get to the end of their work”, referring to some of the current squad who won’t be at Barça next season. He added that “we still have a solid base to the team, and some players have come up who can still give us a lot of pleasure”.

We’re working on it

Joan Laporta didn’t want to get into speculation about who was leaving and who was staying, he limited himself to saying: “for the moment, we have said that Rijkaard won’t be continuing and Pep Guardiola will be taking over. The new coaching staff is taking shape”, he added, and he stressed that all the issues of who was leaving or staying would be dealt with calmly.
Laporta: “Now we need to be strong“
Support for Bojan
When questioned about Bojan’s decision not to play for Spain in this summer’s European Championship, Joan Laporta said that “he has our full support. This season, despite his 17 years, he has gone through everything. He’s still growing, he has a present and a future, and I ask for understanding. He has a great future at Barça and for the national side”.

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