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16.05.2008 14:15

Eusebio wants a professional finish

Jordi Clos

Eusebio Sacristán spoke to the media before FC Barcelona's final match of the season after being put in the spotlight by Frank Rijkaard because he wanted the coach to be recognised for all his hard work.

"I have the feeling that I have been saying goodbye for two or three weeks and I would like Eusebio to talk to you today because he has helped me so much," the Dutch trainer said before handing over the microphone. Before leaving the room, Rijkaard was presented with a present from journalists and then Eusebio spoke. "The last game is not easy and we have to try and finish the season with professionalism," he said.

Faithful to his principles

QM3D9634.jpg"The team will go into the game slightly affected because we have not achieved our objectives and have not lived up to expectations," he continued. "The coach has remained faithful to his principles right until the end. He has his own personality and that has contributed to the success of the club. The team can win or lose, but if you remain faithful to yourself then you can go with a clear conscience. All the players here have acted professionally and have always wanted to give their best. Sometimes there has been a negative dynamic around the team. It would be great if we could cut ourselves off from everything."

Intelligent and knowledgeable

QM3D9935.jpgDespite all the expected changes set to take place this summer, Eusebio did not want to talk about cycles. "It happened to me when I was a player and nothing changed. The club, season after season, changes things, but one has to keep a consistent line to maintain the criteria," he explained before looking ahead to installation of Pep Guardiola as coach. "The choice of Pep Guardiola is one that will give continuity of style and it is what the fans want. There are things that he will continue with and others that he will change." As a former team-mate of the incoming trainer, Eusebio described him as intelligent and knowledgeable. "I hope that he has more peace and quiet to make decisions and that everyone pulls in the same direction to make the club stronger. It is what we all want. Success must not be radicalised so much and failure not seen as a complete crisis."
Eusebio wants a professional finish
Satisfied and grateful
Eusebio Sacristán revealed his feelings before sitting on the bench as a coach of Barça for the final time this weekend. "It is a feeling of happiness, true satisfaction," he stated. "I have been privileged to have been able to be back at the club again for five years. Now I am prepared for a new chapter." He went on to thank Txiki Begiristain for giving him "the chance to start my coaching career" and he praised FranK Rijkaard, from whom he has learned things on "a personal and professional level".

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