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15.05.2008 18:20

“The Club has given me permission to speak to other clubs”

Berta Brau

Deco told reporters on Thursday that he has been authorised by the Club to find another team. However, he also insisted that he will retain a great memory and a good opinion of Barça.

Speaking at a promotional press conference, Deco said: “Everything comes to an end -players, coaches, presidents - and the only thing that remains is Barça. We shouldn’t make a drama out of a player leaving. I wouldn’t stay because I’ve always said that I wanted to be somewhere where I was wanted and if things have changed here we’ll try and reach a profitable agreement for both the Club and me”.

Respect for the Club

QM3D0542.jpgDeco pointed out that he is still under contract to Barça so out of respect he didn’t want to speak further about his future before reaching a final agreement with the Club: “I won’t be speaking about my future with the press before doing so with the Club. Out of respect and because it’s my way of doing things”. He stressed that it would not change his opinion of Barça: “I wish Barça all the best because it’s a great club that deserves to win titles. I’ll always wish Barça well”. He also revealed that his relationship with Club president Joan Laporta had always been good: “The relationship with the president has always been good, of mutual respect, and I hope he keeps doing a good job with FC Barcelona.”

“I understand the reaction of the fans”

Regarding the whistles of discontent heard in the Camp Nou during the match against Mallorca, Deco insisted that he understood the fans’ feelings, though he rejected the suggestion that he had provoked a fifth yellow card to avoid the Real Madrid game. “I understand the reaction of the fans as they were unhappy with the situation but what hurt me was the campaign surrounding the yellow card. I honestly didn’t remember. I’ve never ducked out of a match and I never would. I didn’t care about applauding them onto the pitch. What hurt me was not winning the league. Once it was lost, applauding them onto the pitch didn’t worry me”. He finished by saying: “I’ll always have a good memory of the fans, who I’ve always respected”.
“The Club has given me permission to speak to other clubs”
Rijkaard and Guardiola
Deco had the following to say about Rijkaard: “He’s a great coach and a great person, who’s always tried to make what happens around us affect us as little as possible”. Turning to Pep Guardiola, he admitted: “Although I don’t know him personally, he’s a good coach and he’s doing a good job with Barça B. There could be a good project next season”.

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