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15.05.2008 14:21

Messi: “We’ve all failed”

David Puig

Leo Messi isn’t pleased about the way the season has turned out but believes the blame for failing to win any silverware must be shouldered by the whole group and not just two or three players.

Despite having a good season on a personal level, Messi is unhappy with the way things have gone: “I think my own personal opinion is the same as the whole team. When we have failed to achieve the goals we set ourselves no one can be happy on a personal level”. He understands why the fans are dissatisfied and why they signalled their discontent by whistling at the team last Sunday: “I believe we’re all to blame, not just two or three players. Fortunately, it’s coming to an end and we’re keen to start a new season and prepare ourselves for what’s to come”.

Unsure about the Olympic Games

Messi is part of the Argentina squad for the Beijing Olympic Games but that event will clash with the qualifying phase of the Champions League. Messi would like to take part in both competitions: “I’d love to take part in the Olympic Games. Nobody thought we would have to play in the qualifying phase of the Champions League. The truth is I’d like to be in both places but I can’t. We’ll have to talk and see what we can do”.

Sad to say goodbye

Messi admitted that he will miss the players who leave the Club at the end of this season: “I’m sorry that some of my team-mates will leave. People have helped me fit into the team since the very first day I entered the dressing room. That’s four years together and I’ll miss the team-mates that don’t continue”.
Messi: “We’ve all failed”

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Messi with the junior members
On Thursday lunchtime, the five lucky winners of the competition organised by the junior web to send messages of support to Leo when he was injured met their hero. The five boys and girls had their photo taken with the striker and gave him their messages in person. The winning young members are Oriol Alamany, Marta Catasus, Marc Pérez, Ramon Domènech and Dana González.

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