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12.05.2008 13:01

Thuram looks back over the season

Anna Segura

Lilian Thuram doesn’t think there is just one thing to blame for the way the team has performed this season. Instead he believes that a number of factors have prevented the side from getting the balance needed to win games.

The French defender spoke to the media this Monday after the League encounter with Mallorca. Thuram, who was in the starting XI for the game, shared his thoughts on the season which is about to finish.

Self-criticism by all

Thuram thinks that next season everyone in the club will have to ask themselves whether they are helping or not. “When we win that’s because everyone has worked to get that victory,” he pointed out, “and not just because there are one or two who make the difference.”

The key lies in balance

fcb-valladolid-thuram.jpgBarça’s French defender accepts that many things have been missing this season. “If you want to do great things, you need not only great players but also other positives which help you do your job properly,” he said. “And if you want to do your job properly, you need a balance that we just haven’t had, a balance to get results.”

Defending the team

Thuram understands the reaction of the Camp Nou faithful who are not happy after ending the season with no titles. However, he believes that people should think back a bit and remember how much Barça players have contributed. “You have to remember these things because at the end of the day players like Eto'o and Deco have given a lot to the fans,” he argued. “When I was at Juventus I saw Barça win the Champions League and the Spanish League.”

Changes are normal

Thuram thinks that talk of planning for next season is normal. “Every year when the team won people spoke about changes,” he commented, “so that’s quite normal.” The Frenchman has the greatest respect for Rijkaard and thinks that Josep Guardiola, although young, knows how to do things properly. “I hope people help him and make his job easier,” he said, “and I hope that Barça wins a lot of things with him.”
Thuram looks back over the season

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His future
Thuram finishes his contract with Barça at the end of this season, and says that “I still don’t know what I’ll be doing next year”. However, one thing he is sure about is that “I’ll continue playing football”.

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