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06.05.2008 13:55

The manager with most wins at the Bernabéu

Marc Guillén

Of all the different managers Barça have had, only Frank Rijkaard has won more than once in the league at the Bernabéu. The Dutchman led his team to victory in the 2003/04 and 2005/06 seasons.

Of the 49 managers that Barça has had over the years, only Frank Rijkaard has won two league games at the Bernabéu. Not one manager has ever achieved the feat in the league, although Terry Venables won there in the 1984/85 league and in the 85/86 league cup.

Two famous wins

19-11-05_Web_Rijkaard_01.jpgIn Rijkaard’s first season, he had a very irregular first half of the season, but a spectacular second half, and the major consolidation came with the win at the Bernabéu after Solari had given Madrid an early lead. A Xavi goal four minutes from the end brought Barcelona the win.

Rijkaard’s second win came two seasons ago on that famous occasion when even Madrid fans started applauding the Barça players. Barça stormed to a 3-0 win with a classy Eto’o goal and two screamers from Ronaldinho.

Best previous performances at Bernabéu

13 other managers have won league games at the Bernabéu, but only Rijkaard can claim to have done so twice, meaning that the Dutchman has the best record of any side at the Real Madrid stadium.

Two defeats

Rijkaard’s first loss at the Bernabéu came in his second season. It was in the 31st game, and Barça were leading the table but lost 4-2. Eto’o and Ronaldinho scored again for Barça, while the home side scored through Zidane, Ronaldo, Raúl and Owen.

Rijkaard also lost last season. It was the seventh game, and an early Raul goal conditioned the game, while Van Nistelrooy later made it two.
The manager with most wins at the Bernabéu
Even in wins and goals
Under Rijkaard, Barça have played four times at the Bernabéu, with two wins each and also seven goals apiece.

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