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25.04.2008 13:54

Rijkaard promises goals will come

Vanessa Forns

Although he admits it is somewhat odd that Barça have failed to score in three home games, Rijkaard feels the most important thing is to “create chances, and the goals will come.”

The last three games played at the Camp Nou have ended in goalless draws, and Rijkaard is aware that “making a difference should be one of the strong points with FC Barcelona”, but “a lot of things have happened this season, like injuries for example, and these things affect you”.

But he also said that “players who score goals give strength and confidence to the team” and that “it is strange, because it is so essential” for Barça to score, and yet they are finding it hard, something that can change with “attitude and desire” from his players, who are nevertheless “creating occasions”, and the goals will start coming.

Important game at Riazor

entreno250408_x11x.jpgDeportivo are next up for Barça, and Frank Rijkaard claims this game is as big as any other for his team. “We consider all league games to be important, because we always want to give a good image of ourselves” he said. “It will be an interesting game, and we are going there to get a job done. In short, we are all very keen to play a good game, as our aim is to win as many games as we can”.

No Messi, Xavi or Eto'o

But he was then asked why, if that was the case, none of Messi, Xavi and Eto'o are in the squad, and whether this means he is more interested in the Champions League game at Old Trafford. Frank Rijkaard wanted to make it clear that the some players “need a rest. That is the case with Eto'o, who needs to gain strength, and you could say the same for Xavi. As for Messi, that’s different. Some people are saying he is ready to play ninety minutes, but he isn’t. We have to watch him, observe him, protect him. With the passion for football that I have, I want to be able to watch him play for many more years” said the Barça boss.

He went on to comment that the most important thing, at the end of the day, is his players’ health, and that he needs to “listen, evaluate and then, decide. I understand why some people on the outside fail to comprehend that, but they need to be clear that we are thinking about everything”.
Rijkaard promises goals will come

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Confident for Old Trafford
Frank Rijkaard was highly satisfied with his side’s performance against Manchester United in the Champions League semi final, saying “the team clearly played well. 0-0 might not have been the best result, but we are confident we can win at their ground, and that’s very positive.”

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