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23.04.2008 23:53

Players still confident of reaching final

Anna Segura

Barça midfielder Xavi reckons his side deserved to win against Manchester United. He believes they dominated most of the game, and that playing that way, they are on good course for the Moscow final.

With Carles Puyol suspended and Ronaldinho injured, the Barça captain against Manchester United was Xavi Hernández, who felt his side deserved a 1-0 win.

Xavi Hernández:

“We dominated the game. We played the kind of football we wanted to. We had some very clear chances”.

“The fairest result would have been 1-0 to us, but I don’t think this was a bad score because we didn’t let any goals in. Now it will all be decided over there”.

“We wanted to dominate the game. If we do that, we are on the right lines to make the final”.

“At Old Trafford they will attack more. We have to take advantage of that because they will be leaving spaces at the back”.

“Ten marks for the crowd. It is a pleasure to play for fans like that”.

Samuel Eto'o:

“We played our game but the goals wouldn’t go in. We have to believe we can score there”.

“We are at Barça to win titles. We have played at a high level and things should always be like that”.

“It was not a bad result because we can score over there and if we get one, they will have to get two”.

Andrés Iniesta:

QM3D0012.jpg“We haven’t scored but the game was always going to be decided at Old Trafford. I am sure we will find more space there”.

“In the second half we perhaps played more vertically. They were very well organised at the back”.

“We dominated the play and the only thing we were missing was a goal to make the difference”.

“We will have to suffer, but we have to remember we are just 90 minutes away from the final”.

“I always try to adapt to the manager’s decisions”.

“We all know what we will be up against there. If we want to be in the final we have to take that final step”.

“They had respect for us. We tried to play our game and we did so well”.

“As for the game at Old Trafford we are going to have to take the chances we get”.

Gaby Milito:

fcb-manchester_x21x.jpg“Of the results we didn’t want this is the best one”.

“We played a good game. We generated good chances to score goals”.

“I will treat the game as if it is my last, so I am not going to speculate about cards”.

“We deserved to win because of everything the team did”.
Players still confident of reaching final
Training on Thursday at 11.00
The players will go straight back to training on Thursday at 11.00 am. As usual on the day after a match, the session will mainly focus on warming down and recovery for the players that started the game on Wednesday.

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