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03.04.2008 19:46

Deco limps out of training

Berta Brau / Jordi Clos

Deco limped out of training on Thursday evening with some pain in his right leg after working with the first team for the last few days, despite not yet being given a clean bill of health.

The Portuguese midfielder was one of 21 first team players that took part in the session in front of La Masia. Only the injured trio of Lionel Messi, Oleguer Presas and Albert Jorquera were missing. The new faces from the day before were Touré Yaya and Gaby Milito, who had trained in the gym on Wednesday. Three B teamers were also present as Fali, Eneko and Víctor Vázquez joined in.

After the usual warm-ups, Deco withdrew withdrew because of the pain in his right leg. The former Porto star had been working with the first team since Sunday, despite the doctors not yet having said that he was fully fit.

Pressure, recovery and speed

The rest of the outfield players were divided into four groups and played two different games, with the emphasis being on pressure, recovery and speed. The teams of five-a-side were:

- Ronaldinho, Gudjohnsen, Fali, Giovanni, Sylvinho.
- Márquez, Víctor Vázquez, Thuram, Ezquerro, Edmílson.
- Zambrotta, Touré Yaya, Iniesta, Milito, Bojan.
- Puyol, Henry, Xavi, Abidal, Eto'o.
Enero swapped between the teams.

Two groups

entreno030508_x5x.JPGAfter the end of those games, the team that started against Schalke 04, apart from Víctor Valdés, returned to the changing rooms, while the remaining eleven players continued with another small-sided game.

The team in orange bibs was Pinto, Sylvinho, Ronaldinho, Gudjohnsen, Giovani, Thuram and coach Albert Roca, while in blue were Valdés, Edmílson, Ezquerro, Márquez, Eneko, Víctor Vázquez and Fali.
Deco limps out of training
Behind closed doors
The penultimate training session before the game Getafe on Sunday will be held on Friday in the Miniestadi. That will be behind closed doors, as willM Saturday's session in Camp Nou.

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