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18.02.2008 15:15

“We have to improve in attack”

Roger Bogunyà

Samuel Eto'o, who’s back in the squad after the African Cup of Nations, said at a press conference that he’s “happy” about how well the side is playing in defence and that what they have to do now is to “improve in attack”.

The Cameroon star thinks that that means the strikers need to raise their game. “Scoring more goals is really up to the lads up front as we’re already creating lots of chances,” he said. However, he is happy that Barça are conceding very few goals.

All about spells

Eto’o has been called up this Monday for the away leg of Barça’s last 16 tie in the Champions League after missing out on eight games while on international duty at the African Cup of Nations. He thinks that scoring goals is a matter of spells. “Sometimes you just don’t score that many goals. Goals come in spells. Any team and any player can have good spells and bad spells.”

Goals not a priority in Glasgow

On the same theme Eto’o said that scoring in Glasgow shouldn’t be the team’s priority. “The important thing is not to concede a goal,” he argued. “If we can get some ourselves, then all to the good.”

Physical condition

17-02-08entreno_x1x.jpgWhen asked about the shape he’s in, Samuel Eto'o said he felt “more or less okay” and with his usual desire to play. The Cameroon striker got back to Barcelona carrying a thigh injury, and said that even if he had arrived on Monday and not on Thursday, he still wouldn’t have played against Zaragoza.

No problems with La Romareda

Turning to the Zaragoza-Barça game, he said that he didn’t harbour any resentment towards the Zaragoza fans after the racist chanting he was subjected to three years ago: “We shouldn’t be talking about that as it’s time to move on.” Eto’o said that if he could choose a game to play in, it would be the one in La Romareda.

Arrival in Barcelona

Samuel Eto'o also explained why he didn’t get back to Barcelona until Thursday. “I played in the final on Sunday and then we went to Cameroon, where there was a reception for us on Monday. On Tuesday I was supposed to catch a flight to get to Barcelona on Wednesday, but then something happened that meant I couldn’t make it that day and the club gave me permission to arrive on Thursday.”

The Barça frontman admitted that after the African Cup of Nations and the long return journey, “I was absolutely knackered and just wanted to sleep.” Now he’s back and ready to play in Glasgow where he made his European debut for Barça four years ago.
“We have to improve in attack”

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Game on in the League
Samuel Eto'o says that with three points for a win “anything is possible” in the League. “Madrid has a great side but they could lose at lots of grounds,” he argued. “That’s when we need to win. If Madrid comes a cropper, that’s good for us, but we need to have it clear in our minds that we need to win. Win and wait and see how Madrid gets on. We shouldn’t worry about what they do, just wait, because otherwise we wouldn’t be getting ready for our games properly.”

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