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29.01.2008 19:22

Second training session in one day

Sandra Sarmiento / Jordi Clos

Barça’s second first team training session of the day involved an unusual exercise: a game of piggy in the middle involving the whole squad.

La Masia was the venue for the day’s second session, following on from a highly physical workout earlier today at the Miniestadi. This evening’s session involved much more of the ball.

QM3D9980.jpgLeo Messi was not there with his team mates, for after only recently recovering from injury and playing ninety minutes at San Mamés, it was considered a better idea for him just to train in the morning and do specific exercises in the afternoon. He should be back again on Wednesday to get ready for the cup game with Villarreal along with everybody else.

Márquez and Ezquerro, meanwhile, worked out on their own in the gym and on the pitch as they recover from their respective injuries. The Mexican did, however, take part in most of the morning session with the rest of the team.

Giant piggy in the middle

QM3D0062.jpgAll of the players, along with goalkeeping coach Juan Carlos Unzué and fitness trainer Albert Roca formed a huge circle, with 16 players in the ring and three inside trying to win possession of the ball. The players then worked on one-twos and then shots on the goals defended by Valdés and Pinto.

Game to end

The session ended with a match played on a three-quarter size pitch, with the following teams taking part:

In orange bibs: Valdés, Thuram, Abidal, Henry, Giovani, Gudjohnsen, Xavi, Zambrotta and Edmílson.

No bibs: Pinto, Oleguer, Bojan, Sylvinho, Ronaldinho, Deco, Puyol, Milito and Iniesta.
Second training session in one day
Ronaldinho decides the game
The game ended 3-2 to the bib-less players. Ronaldinho scored two goals for the winning side, with the winner coming on a spectacular half-turn following a clever combination with Bojan.


0-1 Ronaldinho
1-1 Gudjohnsen
1-2 Xavi
2-2 Deco
2-3 Ronaldinho

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