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24.01.2008 23:59

Everything but the goal

Anna Segura

The Barça players all agree that the only thing missing from their performance against Villarreal was a goal. However, they believe that the home advantage in the second leg should see them safely through to the semi-finals.

Speaking to reporters immediately after the match, the players insisted they had done more than enough to win the game. The performance was great – only a failure to take their chances had robbed them of a deserved victory.

Víctor Valdés:

vil-fcb_x4x.jpg“The team is working very well in defence. The numbers show that”.

“The balls were under inflated and that made them move strangely in the air”.

“Villarreal shoot well from the middle distance and their players have a lot of quality”.

“The main thing is that the team was very strong. We were up against an in-form team”.

“It was one of Barça’s best away performances. We’ve always done well on that ground. Today we played well and took responsibility at all times”.

Giovani dos Santos:

“The team deserved a bit more. We started the first half well and in the second half they faltered and we got stronger. We only lacked a goal. Now we have to give 100% in the Camp Nou”.

“It’s important that the trainer keeps his confidence in me”.

Leo Messi:

“We found more space in the second half and that’s why we had more chances”.

“We’re favourites because the second leg is at home. It’ll be tough but we’re strong in the Camp Nou”.

Andrés Iniesta:

“It was an intense match. It was a pity we didn’t score, which would have been fairer”.

“We had a number of chances but now with the score at 0-0 the way is open to the next round. We have to win in the Camp Nou. Playing at home is a point in our favour”.

“If we win at home we’re in the next round”.


“We put in a great performance in every sense. We left a good impression”.

“The team was focussed on the match from the very beginning”.

“The team deserved to score. But it’s all in our favour, playing at home, to qualify”.
Everything but the goal
Friday training
The Barça party will spend the night in Castellón and return to Barcelona on Friday morning, leaving at 9 am and arriving back at about noon. Then they’ll have the customary post-match training session.

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