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03.01.2008 18:21

Operation confirms Jorquera will be out for 6 months

Marc Guillén

Albert Jorquera was operated on his right knee at midday this Thursday by Doctor Ramon Cugat. The azulgrana keeper will need six months to recover from the torn cruciate ligament and torn cartilage.

In the game between Catalonia and the Basque Country on 29 December the azulgrana goalkeeper, Albert Jorquera, was seriously injured. The medical staff quickly suspected that he had torn the cruciate ligaments in his right knee. According to Doctor Ramon Cugat in today’s press conference, this is what the player himself suspected when as he was taken to the dressing room after the injury.

Also torn cartilage

Before the operation, a routine arthroscopic exploration was carried out to confirm the diagnosis. The doctors saw that the cruciate ligament was completely torn and that there was also torn cartilage.

Doctors Ricard Pruna and Ramon Cugat, responsible for the operation, stitched the cartilage and replaced the torn ligament with a knee tendon. This will complicate the recovery but, in theory, the time frame for returning to action will continue to be six months. “Recovery from a cartilage injury requires rest and a cruciate injury requires more movement. This means the recovery will have to be more delicate but it doesn’t have to change too much”, explained Doctor Cugat.

Operation confirms Jorquera will be out for 6 months

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