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23.04.2007 22:58

Egypt in a frenzy for Barça visit

At a crowded press conference, different members of the FC Barcelona squad were able to sense the extraordinary excitement buzzing around the city of Cairo on occasion of their visit.

The visit of FC Barcelona has attracted extraordinary media interest in the Egyptian capital, as was evident at the press conference held at the team hotel. The people of Cairo rarely get the chance to see a team as big as FC Barcelona in action, but on Tuesday night they will get the chance to do just that as the European champions take on their African equivalents Al-Ahly, in game to celebrate their centenary year.

Chaotic press conference

web_egip_10.jpgNo fewer than 300 journalists had passes for the press conference, along with an incredible 42 TV cameras. Frank Rijkaard, Carles Puyol, Leo Messi and Samuel Eto'o were chosen to speak to the press on the eve of what is being hailed as one of the sporting events of the year in Cairo.
But despite the crowds, security was also tight, and all of the media representatives had to pass through a strict control procedure before being allowed near the Barça stars.

Eto'o pleased to be in Egypt

The FC Barcelona players all agreed that it is a pleasure to be in the city to partake in Al-Ahly’s centenary celebrations. As an African himself, Samuel Eto'o was especially enthusiastic, saying “I am very happy to come to Africa with a big European team”. Frank Rijkaard added “we are very proud to be involved in this anniversary. I hope it’s a great game”.

More mentions of Messi’s goal

web_egip_11.jpgEven in Cairo, everybody is familiar with the wondergoal Leo Messi scored last week against Getafe. Messi was asked if he would be doing anything similar on Tuesday night, to which he replied “I never thought about doing it, so I don’t know if I can do it again. But I am happy to be here now, just like I was happy to score a goal that has attracted so many comments.” Finally, Carles Puyol said “the whole team is working in the same direction, and that is the only way that we can win the league and cup double”.
Egypt in a frenzy for Barça visit
Official meal with directors
On Monday evening, the FC Barcelona directors in Cairo enjoyed an official supper in the company of their Al-Ahly Sporting Club counterparts. The meal was held in the same hotel in which the players and staff are staying.

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