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‘This is Barça’ goes online

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02.08.2011 12:11

Mia Hamm’s ‘This is Barça’ report goes online

‘This is Barça’ is the latest edition of the ‘Porta 104’ programme on Barça TV, in which Mia Hamm, one of the most famous female footballers ever, speaks about why Barça is more than a club.

Mia Hamm, living legend of women’s football
Although she retired in 2004, Mia Hamm is still an important figure in the women’s game. She was already shining as a teenager, making her debut for Team USA at the tender age of 15. She went on to make her name at the University of North Carolina and is now considered the finest female footballer ever to come out of the United States. She was twice voted FIFA World Player, won two World Cups and scored a record 158 international goals.
Fighting, committed, competitive, caring and self-sufficient, FC Barcelona is more than a club. What started as a slogan has become a consolidated part of the Barça identity. Because she understands this so well, in 2009, Mia Hamm, considered one of the finest women footballers ever, became an ambassador for FC Barcelona. Barça TV joined Mia Hamm on her last trip to the city, and over two days recorded the ‘This is Barça’ documentary, the latest edition of ‘Porta 104’, in which the American lady speaks about why Barça is more than a club. The show will be broadcast for the first time on Thursday August 4 at 23.00. But the world premiere will be on Monday when the show goes online, specifically on the club website, social networks and the Barça YouTube channel.

“Barça represents excellence, which is what I aspire to”

Having always been an admirer of the Barça style, the American is still learning the secrets of the Barça method in order to spread their word to her compatriots, who see FC Barcelona as the model to follow: “Barça represents excellence, which is what I aspire to every day. I try to be a better mother, a better wife, a better person... Forming part of the Barça family and learning new things means everything to me”.

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