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Grass: from the Camp Nou to the Miniestadi

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13.07.2011 12:21

Grass: from the Camp Nou to the Miniestadi

From Wednesday morning until the weekend, the grass will be taken from the Camp Nou pitch, and re-laid in the Miniestadi.

As planned, the process of taking up of the Camp Nou pitch was started on Wednesday and the work will continue to the weekend. During Monday and Tuesday of next week work will begin to prepare the sub-soil of the Camp Nou so that from Wednesday on the new turf, coming from Bordeaux, can be laid. At the end of next week, the weekend of 23rd and 2th of July it’s expected that the new pitch will be completely laid.

The good quality and health of the Camp Nou grass is the reason that Barça decided to move it to the Miniestadi. It’s been nine years since the playing surface was laid at the Miniestadi. This, as well as the club’s austerity policy meant that this Wednesday, the grass panels removed from the Camp Nou are being taken and placed directly in the Miniestadi.

The grass, which last week was taken up from the Miniestadi will also be profited from. It will be used as organic compost for the maintenance of the pitches.

From eight in the morning until eight in the evening, the work will be intense at the club’s installations, so that the two pìtches will be in perfect condition for the start of the season. The major objective is that the grass will in optimum condition and provide zero risk for the players.

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