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Open letter to club members and supporters

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05.12.2010 11:50

Open letter to club members and supporters

Below we reproduce the open letter from Club President Sandro Rosell to the Club’s members and supporters.

Dear members and supporters of FC Barcelona,

The events which occurred on Saturday surrounding the match which the first team played in Pamplona demand a calm reflection. Firstly, I wish to publically congratulate our team and back room staff who once again showed that they are capable of turning the most serious problems into a challenge to be faced. The win in Pamplona has an extraordinary merit.

Over the last few hours, I have read and listened to all kinds of comments about the situation which occurred. We have been criticised for our lack of prevision and our communication strategy. In addition, our actions as a club in dealing with the problem have been questioned. I personally assume all responsibility for everything which happened before the game on Saturday. I had all the dealings with the RFEF and I accept full responsibility for everything that occurred as a result. I believed in the word of the Federation officials and of the representatives of AENA and, despite my mistakes I have always acted in the interests of the Barça above all. We will draw our conclusions from this experience for the future.

The members deposited their confidence in me to preside over the Club and this enormous responsibility obliges me to be self critical for the good of the Club. I accept and understand that my actions may be criticised, but I will not stand injustice. And it is unjust to accuse our executives and even our coach and the players of not wanting to travel to Pamplona unless it was by plane. That is absolutely untrue, unjust and unacceptable, since all the decisions in this matter were taken and/ or authorised personally by me. The professional attitude and commitment with which our staff and players faced up to the journey and the game in Pamplona, is the only thing which they should be judged on. I only have words of thanks and pride for them.

I would like to finish this letter by asking you all, now more than ever, to show your support and unity, which is very necessary right now. The challenges we face are formidable and we need the support of you all. More than any other consideration, the common interests of Barça have to be foremost at all times. That is and always will be my firm commitment and resolution.

Yours Sincerely,

Sandro Rosell
President of FC Barcelona

Open letter to club members and supporters

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