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Mosaic for Monday

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25.11.2010 12:08

Mosaic for Monday

Monday’s game will boast a massive mosaic at the Nou Camp, with the phrase ’T’estimo Barça’ showing the fans support for the team. The mosaic won’t just be visible at stadium though, as Barça’s 7 million Facebook fans will also be showing the image.

It’s become a tradition for the Nou Camp crowd to make a massive mosaic for these big matches and on Monday night the ground will be full of Barça’s colours as the fans spell out their message –“T’estimo Barça” –“ I love you Barça” before the game.

100.000 coloured cards

dors_mosaic-trt.jpgA total of 100,000 plasticised coloured cards will be used - 45,000 red ones, 35,000 blue and a further 20,000 yellow cards. The two sides of the ground will show the Barça colours, whilst both ends make giant Senyeras –Catalan flags.

‘T’estimo Barça’

What’s more, when the players come out onto the pitch, they will see a massive mosaic ahead of them reading “T’estimo Barça” as the fans show their passion for the club.

On Facebook too

The mosaic won’t be seen at the ground until Monday of course, but before then Barça’s 7 million Facebook fans can show the image of the mosaic as a demonstration of their support by making it their profile picture.

To show the image on your Facebook profile, just click on the right button of your mouse to save the image on your computer. Then change your profile image by uploading the picture and cropping it to ensure the part showing the Nou Camp appears.  

Acces FC Barcelona's Facebook page here .

Mosaic for Monday

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