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01.07.2010 13:21

Cruyff: "Everyone is happy"


Johan Cruyff flew in from the World Cup Finals to attend the inauguration of Sandro Rosell as president of FC Barcelona and was delighted with the atmosphere and the occasion.

The Blaugrana's president of honour joined the throng of coaches, directors, players and staff, all both past and present, to honour the new Camp Nou leader.

New desire

"It is great," Cruyff said. "Everyone is pleased because some people have their heads held high for what they have achieved and the newcomers are full of desire about what lies ahead."

Difficult challenge

2010-07-01_ACTO_INVESTIDURA_SANDRO_ROSELL_004.jpg"To start something is easier than to maintain it," Cruyff continued as he explained why he feels that Rosell has a challenge on his hands. "He will have to work hard to keep things going at the same level, but if he manages to have the same success then it will be a huge triumph. The success the club has had in recent years is not normal."

Several of the other VIP guests also offered their thoughts on the new presidency:

AgustÝ Montal, president of FC Barcelona 1969-1977

"I have thoroughly enjoyed it. We have just had a great sporting chapter, but I think it is good for there to be change. Rosell and his team will be able to move this great club forward, I believe."

Raimon Carrasco, president of FC Barcelona 1977-78

"It is an important day. One era closes and an equally good, or even better, one starts, but it will be difficult because of the crisis."

Xavi Pascual, coach of Regal Barša

"It is an emotional day. I wish him a lot of luck and I also want to express my gratitude to the outgoing president and all his directors."

Marc Carmona, coach of FC Barcelona's F˙tbol Sala team

"Nothing will stop. It is a day to enjoy and it is an honour to be able to see it all from the front row. I am pleased and hopeful that the sporting success will continue."

Xavi Pascual, coach of Barša Borges

"it is a special day for the everyone at the club and a reason to be proud. We wish him all the luck in the world."

Ferran Pujalte, coach of Barša Sorli Discau

"We hope that the same success can be maintained. We know it will be hard, but we work and I am sure people will not lose any desire."

Jordi Casals, president of the Federaciˇn Catalana de F˙tbol

"The change has been an example of how the outgoing administration has been as much as how the new one will be."

Juan Antonio San Epifanio, former Barša basketball star

2010-07-01_ACTO_INVESTIDURA_SANDRO_ROSELL_025.jpg"There was a great deal of honour between the outgoing and incoming board. We have had years of sporting success when things were won that appeared difficult to do. We have enjoyed that and I hope we can maintain the same line."

Carles Rexach, former Barša player

"It was a very emotional act for the outgoing and incoming presidents. One must hope the change is hardly noticed and that the sporting success can continue."

Ramon Alfonseda, president of the Agrupaciˇn Barša Veteranos

"This is a showing that we more than a club."

Cruyff:  “Everyone is happy“

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Candidate talk
The candidates that competed against Sandro Rosell at the ballot boxes on June 13 were also present.

AgustÝ Benedito

"He is the 39th president of FC Barcelona and that says everything about the greatness and success of this club. I wish him all the best. This is an important moment that shows the strength and democracy of the club."

Marc Ingla

"I want to congratulate Joan Laporta for the last seven years. It has been a success. To the new president, Sandro Rosell, I will him even more success."

Jaume Ferrer

"It has been an event to honour this club. The transition was perfect. I want to give them all my utmost support."

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