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14.09.2009 14:35

The first XICS-JES Forum opens


Members from various XICS centres, supported by the club's Fundación, are meeting in El Prat this week to speak about their experiences and pass on advice to each other.

From Monday until Saturday the meetings will take place in the Centro Esplai in El Prat del Llobregat in a gathering called the International Forum for Social Action XICS-JES. Organised by the FCB Fundación for directors and social workers from the 12 XICS centres from around the world can gather and share their thoughts and feelings and talk about their plans and activities at each complex.

La Caixa help

2009-09-14_TROBADA_MUNDIAL_DIRECTORS_XICS_008.JPGThe general director of the Fundación, Marta Segú, and the director of the Área de Medioambiente y Ciencia de la Obra Social for La Caixa, Xavier Bertolín, will bth speak at the start of the week to explain what it is all about and what has been planned. Segú believes that the forum "is a dream come true to be able to together so many professionals. The idea is to create a network so that all the centres can be contact and help mutually". La Caixa see the project as a way to spread the message that sport is a good social tool for integration, said Bertolín.

Centre heads

2009-09-14_TROBADA_MUNDIAL_DIRECTORS_XICS_010.JPGAll 25 participants will hold talks on the social work with families, how to use the tools available to carry out the monitoring of all activities or how to use sport as an educational tool. Also, each of the centres' heads will give a display on the situation of their XICS, profiling all the activities. According to Mayra Guaraca, co-ordinator of the XISC in Ecuador, this "represents one of the best tools to be able to improve all XICS projects".
The first XICS-JES Forum opens
Professionals from ten countries
The activities which continue until Saturday will start every morning at 9am and will continue until 8pm. Among the many organisations present, there will be representatives from NGO's such as Médicos Sin Fronteras and Save the Children. The forum will be attended by professionals from Catalunya, Morroco, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Brazil Ecuador, Mexico and India.

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