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21.08.2009 14:33

Lottery tickets with a Barça flavour


FC Barcelona, via its Foundation and the ‘La Bruixa d’Or’ administration based in Sort have created the ‘Loteria Culé’. These involve shares in tickets for the Christmas lottery, the proceeds of which will go to charity.

The Camp Nou press room was the venue on Thursday for the presentation of the ‘Loteria Culé’. Barça vice president Alfons Godall, the Director General of the Foundation, Marta Segú, and the director of the Bruixa d’Or, Xavier Gabriel, revealed the details.

Charity donations

One-tenth tickets for the ‘Loteria Culé’ will cost 22 euros, 2 of which are donations. In terms of shares, each ticket is going for 5 euros, one of which is a donation. 80% of the proceeds will go to the Fundació FC Barcelona and the other 20% to La Bruixa d’Or’s own charity projects.

Barça colours

2009-08-21_PRESENTACION_LOTERIA_CULE_006.JPGEach tenth comes in an envelope in the Barça colours and the shares are personalised with cartoon images of different Barça players and staff, along with the Bruixa d’Or mascot (a witch, specially kitted out in Barça gear). All of these tickets form part of the usual National Lottery system.

Different endings

The ‘Loteria Culé’ will initially be launched in the form of tickets bearing images of 5 different players, specially chosen so that the lottery numbers end with that players own shirt number. The first to go on sale will be Guardiola (ending in 00), Messi (ending in 10), Puyol (05), Valdés (01) and Touré (24).

The Sort has announced that it will catering for all distribution costs.
Lottery tickets with a Barça flavour
On sale on August 31
The ‘Loteria Culé’ will be started to coincide with the first league match against Sporting Gijón on Monday, August 21. Tenth tickets will be available from the website www.loteriacule.com. The shares will go on sale inside the Camp Nou itself at twenty different points of sale, plus two more in the ticket offices in the boulevard. Barça will be encouraging all of its supporters clubs and major Catalan institutions to make their applications for the ‘Loteria Culé’ and therefore collaborate with the Fundació del FC Barcelona.

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