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23.07.2009 13:11

More physical and tactical training in London

Marc Guillén (enviat especial)

The Barça players are continuing their preseason preparations at Bisham Abbey. Thursday morning’s session was very similar to the work done on Wednesday with a mixture of physical and technical exercises.

At approximately 10.15 local time, the 28 players made their appearance on the training ground. The session lasted for 90 minutes (as on Wednesday) with Henry, Maxwell and Márquez training separately with the coaches.

Focus on defence

2009-07-23_BOJAN_01.jpgThe rest of the players repeated some of the drills they practised on Wednesday with a focus on defensive pressure. The players worked in groups of three to improve their covering play in defence. Manager Pep Guardiola was at the heart of the activity at all times and stopped play frequently to correct his players.

The players also did a number of stamina exercises as well as a number of activities to improve ball skills.

The squad will train again this evening at 6.15 pm local time.
More physical and tactical training in London
Laporta at Bisham Abbey
Club president Joan Laporta was present at the hotel this morning and took the opportunity to greet the players.

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