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03.07.2009 10:36

FCB pursues and deepens its partnership with Empire of Sports

Empire of Sports, the first virtual world entirely dedicated to sport, is proud to announce the success and deepening of its partnership with FC Barcelona, Europe’s brand new football Champion!

Since the announcement of the partnership between Empire of Sports and FC Barcelona, on 26th May 2009, things have accelerated both offline and online: while Barça was winning the Champions League to Manchester United, the virtual world of Empire of Sports was welcoming a very large number of Barça fans seeking for the joys and subtleties of up to 10 vs. 10 football on a computer, just with a mouse and keyboard!

The virtual Barça club inside Empire of Sports allows FC Barcelona to offer its fans a unique opportunity to meet up in one and same place, no matter where they actually are in the world, and to interact one with each other through their avatar – their virtual three-dimensional representation in the game.

The one and only football club in the world that possesses such a tribune, accessible from the entire planet, FC Barcelona enriches today its offer inside Empire of Sports with news opportunities: a VIP room has been created inside the virtual Barça club, whose access will provide its subscribers with exclusive advantages, such as a complete Barça costume for their avatar, or reserved missions, events and even competitions!

A big FC Barcelona football competition will start in a couple of weeks for all in-game football teams to take part in, with Barça shirts signed by Messi for the winners to grab! A character dressed in the club costume will wait for players in the center of Empire of Sports’ world, and explain to them the rules and practical details of this tournament.

Empire of Sports is currently in the Prologue phase: this phase allows the game to expand progressively, with the help and feedback of its vast community of online players.

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FCB pursues and deepens its partnership with Empire of Sports
About Empire of Sports
Empire of Sports is a new kind of massively multiplayer games. It combines the depth of role-play and the competitive dynamics of sports games in an innovative and very ambitious (including technically) persistent world, where players can meet in real time from all over the world and play sports together. Currently in its “Prologue” phase, Empire of Sports offers unrestricted access to its featured six sports: tennis, football, skiing, bobsleigh, basketball, and track & field.

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