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01.07.2009 17:34

Bono boosts Barça's image of social commitment


Bono is well-known for his support of development issues so it was no surprise when he backed up Barça’s work with UNICEF by wearing a Barça shirt with the UNICEF logo and the slogan “More than a Club” at the U2 concert in the Camp Nou on Tuesday.

Bono told the fans at the concert: “FC Barcelona is the only football club in the world that wears UNICEF on their shirts”. Given the huge fame of the Irish rock star and his proven commitment to the underprivileged, his actions will do much to project Barça’s social policies to a worldwide audience.

Bono did not mention football but instead highlighted Barça’s commitment to charitable projects. By wearing the Barça shirt he has boosted the Club’s image of social commitment.

Aung San Suu Kyi

_M3_0975.JPGBono also drew attention to a number of Barça’s other social projects. But one of the most emotional moments of the evening was when most of the spectators put on a mask showing the face of the Burmese dissident Aung San Suu Kyi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. The band had planned the protest from their website and dedicated 'Walk on' to the emblematic Burmese dissident.


Bono also highlighted the organization he heads, One.Org, an organization with more than two million members that aims to fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases, especially in Africa. Bono was the co-founder and works from an apolitical perspective with governments and other activists.

Desmond Tutu

bono_4.jpgYet more proof of the committed nature of the concert was a sermon given by the South African Nobel Peace prize winner Desmond Tutu, who played a key role in the free Nelson Mandela campaign. Speaking from a giant video screen he preached a message of peace, reconciliation and solidarity. Tutu affirmed that only science would defeat the two scourges of Africa: AIDS and malaria. Barça is involved in the fight against these two diseases in Swaziland, Malawi and Angola through the Foundation.
Bono boosts Barça's image of social commitment
Media excitement
The world’s media has devoted wide coverage to the first concert of the U2 tour in the Camp Nou. No fewer than 120 journalists, 40 photographers and 20 TV crews attended the concert from organizations such as Reuters, Associated Press and France Press. The image of Bono wearing the Barça shirt has been flashed around the world.

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