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14.06.2010 19:31

Laporta: "The handover will go smoothly"

Jordi Clos

Club president Joan Laporta has expressed his desire to see a smooth handover of powers to president elect Sandro Rosell, and told reporters: “Rosell has a unique opportunity to unite the Barca family”.

Until 30th June, the current Board will co-exist with the Board elected on Sunday. Speaking on the day after Mr Rosell’s victory, Mr Laporta said: “The handover of power will go smoothly. We have to give all our help to the new president. He won’t find it easy to maintain this level of quality, results and success. I’m at his disposal. I’d like the winner to know that he’ll be the president of the best Barca of all time, that it’s a great responsibility and that I’ll give him whatever he needs”.

The good times

2010-06-14_LAPORTA_07.JPGMr Laporta revealed that he’ll be meeting Mr Rosell later this week. The two men have had their disagreements in the past but Mr Laporta assured reporters that the talks will take place in an atmosphere of “tranquillity, cordiality and trust”. The two men spoke together on Sunday evening and many were surprised by the warmness of their post election embrace. Mr Laporta told us. “The first thing I thought was to congratulate him on his overwhelming victory. I felt a touch of joy and of affection. I can’t forget that we fought the election together in 2003. I prefer to remember the good times”.

Satisfied with the work done

Looking back over the last seven years, Mr Laporta is happy with what has been achieved: “We have fulfilled our mission. I’m leaving happy for the work done. I’m handing over the best Barca of all time. The results speak for themselves. I understand that the first thing an ex-president should do is not interfere. I won’t set up in opposition nor put obstacles in his way as some have done to me. I’ll help when I’m needed. Rosell has a unique opportunity to unit the Barca family”.

Faultless elections

2010-06-14_LAPORTA_03.JPGJoan Laporta also expressed his satisfaction at the way the elections had been organized and in particular with the high turnout. He also congratulated Barca TV on the excellent coverage given to the elections and praised the quality of the defeated candidates. He described the Election Day as “a Barca festival”. As far as the result itself is concerned, he said: “It’s obvious that the membership have chosen an option that had been preparing itself for a long time and was clear-cut. Perhaps the continuity option wasn’t”.

Transfer negotiations

Although it wasn’t a priority issue, Mr Laporta explained that he’ll be briefing Mr Rosell on the state of negotiations in the transfer market, including Fabregas and Touré. He admitted that contacts with Arsenal were “at stand by” at the moment and expressed his hope that they could be taken forward as soon as possible. However, he confirmed that talks concerning a move away from the Club by Touré were at “quite an advanced stage”.
Laporta: “The handover will go smoothly“

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The last two weeks
The final meeting of the Delegate Commission of the current Board will be held on 21st June. A week later, the last Board meeting of Joan Laporta’s mandate will take place to close the accounts for the current fiscal period. On 1st July, Sandro Rosell will officially take over as Club president.

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