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13.06.2010 23:53

Most voted for President in history


Sandro Rosell is the new president elect of FC Barcelona. With a landslide victory with 61,35% of the votes, member number 12,556 will take over as president on June 30, and will keep the position until 2016.

A convincing win for Sandro Rosell . A total of 35.021 members have put their faith in the leader of the 'We’re all Barça' campaign, which achieved the highest amount of votes in the history of the club, even more than the 27,138 for Laporta in 2003.

The 39th president in club history

Sandro Rosell becomes the 39th president in the history of FC Barcelona. After a brief stage as vice president of the club (2003/05), he is back in the institution this time as president for the next six years. Member 12,556 takes over from Joan Laporta, whose electoral campaign he was involved with in 2003.

Huge difference

2010-06-13_ELECCIONES_75.JPGThe difference between Sandro Rosell’s vote and that of the other candidates was the second biggest in history, only behind Josep Lluís Nuñez’s over Àngel Fernández in 1997. The candidate that came closest to him was Agustí Benedito, with 8.044 votes (14,09%), ahead of Marc Ingla, with 7.014 votes (12,29%), and Jaume Ferrer, with 6.168 votes (10,80%).

Laporta until June 30

2010-06-13_ELECCIONES_82.JPGSandro Rosell will officially take up his position on June 30, the date when Joan Laporta’s madate is set to terminate. Laporta said this morning that he wishes to comply with what is established in the new FC Barcelona statutes .

Most voted for President in history

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