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13.06.2010 21:22

Managers also place their votes

Jordi Clos

Guardiola, Xavi Pascual, Pasqui, Quim Paüls and Marc Carmona all came to the Camp Nou to vote. The football team’s manager was greeted by hordes of admirers.

Numerous Barça dignitaries have come to the Camp Nou to vote, including former presidents and important public figures. The managers of the different professional teams also came by, Pep Guardiola (football), Xavi Pascual (basketball), Xavi Pascual (handball) and Marc Carmona (futsal). Only Ferran Pujalte (roller hockey) was absent because he is ineligible due to not having been a member for a full year. But the technical secretary of the section, Quim Paüls, did appear.

Guardiola acclaimed

2010-06-13_VOTACION_GUARDIOLA_003.jpgThe soccer manager was one of the most awaited people, and he appeared just after eight in the evening. Although most people had left the ground by this time, a huge crowd still gathered around to welcome him. Guardiola cast his vote as they chanted his name, some even calling for him to be “president”. The man who led Barça to Six Cups then went to attend to the press.

All the sports

pascual.jpgHis homologues at the helm of the other sports teams also appeared at the stadium. Pascual said " It is very important for people to be able to express their vote. It makes the club greater. It is not an easy day after losing on Saturday, but we couldn’t miss today ". Carmona explained that “It is a Barça festival. I have never been here before with my children and there’s a great atmosphere. Now we’ll vote and have a walk around the Camp Nou.”

Barça Borges Xavi Pascual ‘Pasqui’ manager was late arriving. “It shows that we are very alive as a club, and people are keen to participate. It’s crazy to see so many people here at the stadium”, he said.
Managers also place their votes

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Txiki’s future
Technical secretary Txiki Begiristain came to the Camp Nou just before heading to the Miniestadi to see Barça Atlètic.The Basque spoke about how the ballot could affect his future. “For the moment, I have a contract until June 30. WE have to wait and see who wins. I am leaving the door open to continue”. Txiki was also thrilled to see such a huge turnout for the elections: “The members have to vote and decide who will be the new president. The people are proud to be Barça fans and now we have to decide who will preside them. When the people want to, they participate”.

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