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12.06.2010 10:48

Barça and presidential elections (III)

Manel Tomàs

FC Barcelona have had two presidential elections in the 21st century and both occasions a new man took over at the helm and on Sunday a third will write his name in the club's history books.

When the 22-year reign of Josep Lluís Nuñez came to a close in 2000 elections were called for July of that year and for the first time since 1978 a new president was to be ushered in.

Gaspart takes over

ELECCIONS_2000_-_GASPART_x2x.jpgFrom the moment that Nuñez announced that he would not be running and that a vote was being organised the per-electoral movement came to life. Hotelier Joan Gaspart, who had spent 22 years as vice-president under Nuñez, put his name forward and was joined by Angel Fernández, Gabriel Masfurroll and Joan Castells. Lluís Bassat was involved too and became a frontrunner, but Jaume Llaurado withdrew his candidacy despite presenting the required number of signatures.

ELECCIONS_ANY_2000_-_2.jpgTheoretically Gaspart represented the continuity ticket he was able to attract opponents to support him and he quickly became the favourite ahead of Basset. All the predictions were to come true on July 23, 2000 when voters went to the Miniestadi with 25,181 backing Gaspart and 19,791 going for Bassat.

Laporta wins

ELECCIONS_2003_-_LAPORTA_I_JUNTA.jpgIn February 2003, Gaspart resigned as president of Barça and vice-president Enric Reyna took over temporarily before the commission headed by Joan Trayter stepped in. Elections were called for June 15 and six candidates put their names forward, a club record, as Joan Laporta, Bassat, Jaume Llauradó, Josep Martínez-Rovira, Josep Maria Minguella and Jordi Majó all vied for votes. The number of candidates was lifted by the percieved problems at the club during teh pervious three years.

Election day saw a festival atmosphere in the Minisetadi and 54.72 per cent turned out to vote, the highest participation ever. Laporta won the day with 27,138 votes while Bassat secured 16,412, with the rest even further behind. Laporta stayed in power when ratified in August 2006 when there was no vote required as no other candidate came forward.
Barça and presidential elections (III)
The results
Date: 23
July, 2000
Members with right to vote: 93.006
Actual votes: 45.888

Voting percentage for candidates

Joan Gaspart 25.181 (54,8)
Lluís Bassat 19.791 (43,1)
None of the above 719 (1,69
Spoilt papers 197 0.4)

15 June, 2003
Members with right to vote: 94.339
Actual votes: 51.618

Voting percentage for candidates

Joan Laporta 27.138 (52'57)
Lluís Bassat 16.412 (31'80)
Jordi Majó 2490 (4'82)
Josep Martínez-Rovira 2388 (4'63)
Josep M. Minguella 1.867 (3'62)
Jaume Llauradó 987 (1'91)
None of the above 238 (0'46)
Spoilt papers 98 (0,18)

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