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11.06.2010 11:18

Barça and presidential elections (II) : Nuñez

Manel Tomàs

With the transition process from the Franco dictatorship to democracy well underway Barça rid themselves of the anachronistic system for finding a president and established the votes for all scheme that the club has today.

On September 4, 1975, president Agustí Montal Costa publicly proposed for the democratisation of the structure of Spanish football and the universal voting system for presidents in all clubs. With the death of General Franco, on November 20, the liberating process in every area of Spanish life took place and football was no exception.

Núñez takes over

Montal's mandate came to end on September 18, 1977 and Raimon Carrasco took over on a temporary basis. Elections were then planned for May 6, 1978 in Camp Nou and several candidates could stand in a democratic vote which was scrupulously controlled. It became the first time in Barça's history that such an event took place.

ELECCIONES_6_DE_MAYO_1978_-_2.jpgMany people put their names forward to be considered, but in the end three frontrunners emerged with Ferran Ariño, Nicolau Casaus and Josep Lluís Nuñez. Ariño, who had been president of Barça Atlètic, was considered by many as the candidate who would preserve the status quo, although Montal insisted that he had no favourites. In turn, Casaus was the veteran and had been involved with the club since the 1940's, above all with the supporters' clubs. Then there was Nuñez who was well known as a successful businessman in the construction field and he brought a message of renewal and that gave him the edge. Nuñez secured 10,352 votes, Ariño recorded 9,527 and Casaus was third with 6,202.

Victorious again

ELECCIONS_1989_-_CANDIDATURA_SIXTE_CAMBRA.jpgNuñez enjoyed unprecedented success at the helm as he was re-elected on August 18, 1981 and then again on May 2, 1985 when no other candidates were put forward to oppose the standing president. Then, on April 1, 1989 there was to be another election and this time Sixte Cambra, a man famous in the world of tennis, entered the race having previously been linked with Josep Maria Fusté. The elections coincided with the the game against Real Madrid in the league and the voting booths were set up in the Miniestadi. Nuñez was voted in for another term with 25,441 to Cambra's 17,609.

Angel Fernández

ELECCIONS_1997_-FERNxNDEZ.jpgNuñez was becoming accustomed to winning and on January 7, 1993 he was again unopposed, but did not enjoy that same privilege in 1997 when three candidates in Angel Fernández, Jaume Lloauradó and Josep Oriola all stood. The trio were to end the process by joining forces with Fernández heading the group.

Again the voting took place in the Miniestadi while in Camp Nou there was a day of festivities with the first team being presented on the pitch. As predicted, Nuñez stayed in power with 24,025 votes to just 5,208 going for the opposition.

Click here to read about the first era of the election process for presidents at FC Barcelona.
Barça and presidential elections (II) :  Nuñez
All the results
Date: 6 May, 1978
Members with right to vote: 53.643 Actual votes: 26.081

Voting percentage for candidates

Josep Lluís Núñez 10.352 39,7%
Ferran Ariño 9527 36,6%
Nicolau Casaus 6202 23,8%
None of the above 243 0,9%
Spoilt paper 153 0,6%

Date, 1 April, 1989
Members with right to vote: 93.039 Actual votes: 46.633

Voting percentage for candidates

Josep Lluís Núñez 25.441 59,1%
Sixto Cambra 17.609 40,9%
None of the above 398 0,9%
Spoilt paper 215 0,5%

Date, 27 July, 1997
Members with right to vote: 91.587 Actual votes: 31.485

Voting percentage for candidates

Josep Lluís Núñez 24.025 76,3%
Ángel Fernández 5209 17,5%
None of the above 1.893 6,0%
Spoilt paper 358 1,1%

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