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10.05.2010 10:54

Official notification of elections for the board of directors


In a meeting held on 30th April 2010, and under the powers bestowed upon them by article 39 of the Club Statutes, the Board of Directors agreed to call elections for the board to be held on 13th June 2010.

In line with articles 39 and 50 of the statutes, the elections will be held under the following rules:

1st.- In order to vote, members must :

a) be over 18 and not legally barred.
b) have been a member for at least one year.
c) not be suspended from membership.
d) be included in the current electoral roll as laid down in article 43.

2nd.- In order to be elected, members must :

a) be over 18 and not legally barred on the date the elections were called.
b) have been a member for at least one year on the date the elections were called.
c) not be suspended from membership on the date the elections were called.
d) not have been a player, coach or employee of the club during the last two years before the date the elections were called
e) not have received any punishment from the club for serious infractions over the last five years before the date the elections were called.
f) if they are currently a member of the board which has called the elections and wish to stand for re-election, present their resignation and quit any position held within the club before phase VI of the electoral process(the presentation of candidates).
g) be included in the current electoral roll.
h) if a candidate for President, be officially registered as living in Catalonia.

3rd.- On Friday 14th May at 10.00 the public draw to assign members to the Electoral Commission (Junta Electoral) and Committee (Mesa Electoral) will be held at the club premises. These bodies will be constituted officially at 12.00 on Sunday 16th May.

4th.- From Monday 17th May to Friday 21st May, club members can consult the official electoral roll at the Oficina del Síndic dels Socis i Sòcies in the FCB Supporters Services Office from 9.00 to 21.00.

Any claims as to omission or irregularities in the roll, must be submitted in writing and presented at the Oficina del Síndic dels Socis i Sòcies and addressed to the Electoral Commission before 21.00 on Friday 21st May.

The Commission will deal with any claims made and approve the official electoral roll on 24th May, after which no changes will be allowed during the electoral process.

5th.- Candidate lists will be closed and voted for en bloc. They must be presented to the Commission between Tuesday 25th May and 21.00 on Tuesday June 1st.

Candidate lists must be made up of no less than 14 and no fewer than 21 members, headed by the candidate for the Presidency.

Written candidate lists must be presented in duplicate and contain the following data:

- Names and surnames of candidates, together with their signatures that they agree to be part of the candidature. Candidates must fulfil the conditions laid down in article 38 of the club statutes.

- Photocopies of the club membership cards of each candidate as well as both sides of their National Identity Card.

- Candidates for President must be officially registered as living in Catalonia.

In the candidate list, no reference needs to be made to posts within the board, except for that of President, which must correspond to the head of the candidature. Should candidates wish, they can include a brief biographical note and the reasons why they feel they should be elected.

Together with the candidate list, a minimum of 2.095 official letters of support from club members must be presented as well as a commitment to sign a financial guarantee if needed, signed by all members of the candidate list as required by the relevant legal norms.

The official forms for letters of support for candidates can be obtained by the candidates by written request to the Electoral Commission from 09.00 on Monday May 17th and will be provided within 36 hours. 4.190 forms will be provided free of charge, with any more charged to the candidates demanding them.

Members signing official letter of support forms must be included in the official electoral roll approved by the Commission and may only support a single candidate list.

The completed forms must be presented in order of membership number, from lowest to highest.

6th.- The Electoral Commission will check that each candidate and each member offering support fulfils the conditions laid down in the statutes and that each candidate list has provided the required support and agreement to provide a financial guarantee.
On Thursday June 3rd, the Commission will announce those candidate lists which are qualified to stand.

7th.- Should there be only one candidate list presented or judged valid, that candidate list will be adjudged elected and the electoral process will be finished.

8th.- Should more than one candidate list be adjudged valid, the electoral process will continue with the opening of the campaign at 00.00 on Friday June 4th, finishing at midnight on Friday 11th June 2010.

During the election campaign, candidates may organise information, promotion or propaganda .

The Electoral Commission will guarantee that all candidates’ comments and actions maintain the respect due to other candidates and give equal opportunity to all candidates in the use of club facilities.

The Síndic dels Socis i Sòcies will manage information and publicity which candidates wish to send to club members through the services of the Oficina del Síndic (FCB Supporters Services Office), which will inform candidates of the cost and conditions of this service.

9th.- Saturday 12th June has been assigned as a day of reflection and from 00.00 all public acts, direct or indirect campaigning such as putting up posters, interviews, declarations or the publishing of any propaganda by candidates are expressly prohibited.

10th.- On Sunday June 13th voting will take place at the Nou Camp between 9.00 and 21.00.

Voting papers will be published by the club and will be the same colour and format for all candidates.

Voting booths will be distributed around the perimeter of the Gol Sud and Gol Nord and the Lateral of the Stadium. 120 voting boxes will be distributed.

These booths will be ordered alphabetically by the names and surnames of the voters on the official electoral roll.

In order to vote, members must appear on the roll and provide proof of identity through National Identity Card or Passport or driving licence in the case of non-nationals.

The Electoral Committee will preside and control voting, aided by the Síndic dels Socis i Sòcies.

11th.- Once voting has finished the Committee will begin the count.

The Electoral Commission and the Electoral Committee will together proclaim the winning candidacy.

12th.- The newly elected Board of Directors must formalise the financial guarantees, if required to do so by the corresponding legal regulations, and take up their posts on the following July 1st.

13th.– The elected Board’s mandate will run until 30th June 2016.

Barcelona, 10th May 2010

For the Board,

Josep Cubells i Ribé

Official notification of elections for the board of directors

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