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23.04.2010 12:46

Selection of Members’ Representatives


The names of the 3,306 new members’ representatives were drawn out of hat on Friday in the Camp Nou. According to Club rules, these representatives are randomly chosen every two years.

The Secretary to the Board, Josep Cubells, took charge of the draw, which was supervised by a notary and the members’ ombudsman. The 3,306 new representatives were randomly selected by computer and will serve as of 1st July.

Representative conditions

Those members chosen all have to satisfy three basic conditions: they must be an adult, they must have been a member for at least a year and their membership must be currently active.

The computer selected 5,000 names from among the 161,018 Club members. These were then checked and the first 3,306 members who met the conditions were duly chosen.

Random draw

Professor Antonio Alegre Escolano of the University of Barcelona was responsible for the technical side of the process while the notary, Mr Joan Carles Ollé made sure the draw complied with Club rules.

The Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly is made up of: 3,306 members’ representatives; the 982 most senior Club members; 17 members of the Board, former Club presidents, members of the Disciplinary and Economic Commissions and, finally, 25 members designated by the Board.
Selection of Members’ Representatives

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