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16.02.2010 16:47

Laporta visits mobile fair


FC Barcelona president Joan laporta visited the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in the Catalan capital on Tuesday where the latest instalment of the Etisalat-Barça agreement was shown for subscribers.

The official presentation took place at the Etisalat Barça Mobile stand and Laporta took advantage of the deal to see how the agreement that was signed a year ago has been going. "it is a good alliance and has coincided with the best year in the history of the club," he explained as he spoke alongside Etisalat president Mohammad Hassan Omran.

100 million subscribers

2010-02-16_VISITA_ETISALAT_013.jpgThe agreement is one of the most important between the world of sport and communication and allows Etisalat to use Barça content on their mobile phone system through their Weyak network online. "We are very pleased because Etisalat has 100 million subscribers," Laporta continued. "This means that the number of visitors will increase and we will be able to see our fan base around the world grow."

Shared responsibility

As well as the agreement between Barça and Etisalat the two businesses share values too. A year ago the two joined forces on commitments of solidarity. "We show that we are global because we have alliances with companies that are global and with Etisalat we share the principles of corporate social responsibility," Laporta stated. "They are developing it and we are too through our foundation."
Laporta visits mobile fair

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