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21.01.2010 11:07

Whole world takes note

Roger Bogunyà

From Paris to Buenos Aires, the whole world has reported on Guardiola extending his contract at the club.

It is as if Barça had won a title or Messi had won the Balon d’Or. The international press has reacted to the news from the Camp Nou that Guardiola will be staying for another season at the FC Barcelona.

“Barcelona celebrates”

olx.jpgThere was special interest from Argentine daily ‘Olé’, which said “Barcelona celebrates” after the news was made public. They focus on Messi, who described it as “good news”. The combination of Guardiola and Messi is a natural winning formula at Barça.

No more rumours

The British press took a different angle, for it is there that have been stories appearing that have suggested that Guardiola could be going to Manchester United or maybe Arsenal. Whatever interest these clubs might have shown, it is now patently clear that these were merely rumours.

Pep’s word

In France, ‘L’Équipe’ and ‘France Football’ both spoke in their reports about how Pep Guardiola kept his promise. They say that even before he had signed “he had given his word” that he would be staying, and the news proves that Pep is somebody to be trusted.
Whole world takes note

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