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04.12.2008 13:15

Exclusive and top quality collection


Modern and exclusive sportswear in keeping with environmental sustainability. These are the hallmarks of the first collection being offered by the new MÉS brand.

The whole range is a reflection of NIKE’s commitment, along with ACNUR and FC Barcelona, to the MÉS campaign and therefore to charity and the environment. All of the clothing is soft to the touch and uses 100% organic cotton as its base material. And all of the motifs on the garments were printed using soya-based inks.

Visible logo

Fy08_MES_PR_Barca_away_C.jpgAll of the items feature the MÉS logo in a prominent position. Those for men and boys come in two types: one as a solid logo and another in the form of embroidered eyelets. The shirts are available in black or white, with different logos for each type.

The women’s shirt was especially designed for the female body and features all the same design characteristics as the men’s version.

Caps, pins and hoodies too

gORRA_C.jpgBut the T shirts are not all there is on offer. There are also pins, caps and hoodies that include the logos of the three parties involved (FC Barcelona, Nike and ACNUR). The hoodies come with a daring design inside the hood using solid colours in representation of the trio of promoters.

The hoodie has also replaced the typical metal buttonholes with embroidered ones, and instead of being made of metal, the cords are made of cotton with adorned details.

The words ‘MÉS que un club' are printed on the right arm of all of the items, the slogan used by FC Barcelona, one of the three partners involved in MÉS.

The inside of the neck of every garment also includes a label reminding customers that profits from sales of these items will be going to charity.

Points of sale

Fy08_MES_PR_M_hollow_06_C.jpgMÉS products can be purchased by means of any of the following outlets:

- In Barcelona: at all official Nike stores, at all FCBotigues (including the one at the Camp Nou), and in all BASE stores.

- Outside of Barcelona: at FCBotiga at Girona Station and in La Jonquera service station, as well as BASE in Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

- Outside of Spain: at official Nike stores in such cities as London, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Marseille, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Lille and Nantes, among others.

The products can also be purchased online at www.mesfutbol.org   and at Official Online Store .
Exclusive and top quality collection
Players to wear them on Saturday
This Saturday the FC Barcelona players will be wearing the new range of sports clothing for the first time in the build-up to the game against Valencia, the fourteenth of their current league campaign.

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