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21.11.2008 12:04

First meeting with supporters clubs a success


On Thursday, FC Barcelona held the first of five meetings with the Catalan supporters clubs in order to explain its forthcoming projects in more direct fashion.

Supporters clubs from Tarragona Norte, Las Terres de l’Ebre and l’Anoia, El Penedès and El Garraf were the protagonists of the first of five meetings the club has planned to explain the forthcoming projects that have the supporters clubs as the main consideration. The meeting was held at the Camp Nou, and of the one hundred clubs that were invited, about seventy turned up with representatives.

The meeting started with a visit to the Barça Museum, which the visitors enjoyed thoroughly. Once it was over, they all went into the stadium’s Sala París where they were being expected by President Joan Laporta and vice president Alfons Godall. The club was also represented by directors Patrick Auset and Xavier Bagués, as well as Social Commission directors Enric Nadeu and Gabriel Cid.

Presidential speech

QM3D9216.jpgJoan Laporta welcomed the different representatives with a speech in which he asked for their “prudence” regarding the first team’s recent results and made it clear that “a very good job is being done”. He also spoke about his desire for “more communication between the directors and the supporters clubs. We want to have more contact with you; we hope to improve the relationship between the club and its supporters clubs”.

Looking at past, present and future

QM3D9197.jpgVice president Alfons Godall then looked back at some the most important moments in recent club history, especially highlighting the gamble they took on Josep Guardiola as first team manager; the model Barça has followed since the new Board of Directors was instated in 2003, until 2010; the value the club has placed on the development of its patrimony and real estate; what being ‘more than a club in the world’ means; plus other projects like the new Masía, the Foundation’s projects, the new design for the Camp Nou by Norman Foster, and the alliance with MLS (Major League Soccer), among others.

Commitment to supporters clubs

QM3D9272.jpgNaturally, Godall also focused on the relationship the club has with its official supporters clubs and looked back at the objectives that were achieved between 2003 and 2006 and the new objectives that have been set as targets before the end of the current mandate in 2010. These include improving the level of service and communication, expansion around the world and the revitalisation of the supporters club environment.

After the usual question and answer session, and an aperitif in the New Boxes in the Camp Nou, the meeting was drawn to a conclusion. The next one will be held on November 24.
First meeting with supporters clubs a success
General Satisfaction
Once this first meeting at the Camp Nou with some representatives of Barcelona’s supporters clubs in Catalonia was over, vice president Alfons Godall said he felt it had been a highly positive experience. “I think the turnout for this meeting was excellent, as shown by the way that almost all the supporters clubs from the invited areas attended”.

Godall also liked the way communication had worked in the question and answer session. “I think they took a lot of interest in what the president had to say and we listened to their requests and their points of view. They are things we will take into consideration” he said.

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