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31.10.2008 13:44

Foundation reaches 25,000 children


After two years of hectic activity, the Fundaciˇ FC Barcelona has set up almost fifteen projects around the world, reaching out to some 25,000 underprivileged children.

Helping children in need has been one of the main objectives of FC Barcelona’s foundation in recent years, when the Board of Directors decided to move it in a new direction and convert into the heart and soul of the club.

The club is now reviewing the last two years, and has done so in the form of a meeting with the press to focus on issues related to solidarity and corporate social responsibility, attended by the likes of
Vice president Alfons Godall and the director general of the Foundation, Marta Seg˙. After presenting some of the work being done Seg˙ said she was delighted with the way things have gone so far and with the projects they have in line for the future. We are undertaking rigorous and serious corporate social responsibility” she said.

Barša’s own programmes

JES_Honduras_grup.JPGDuring this period, the Foundation has been working in almost fifteen projects, through its International Network of Solidarity Centres (XICS) and Solidarity Sports Days (JES). Also, its ‘Sport and Citizenship’ programme has helped the Foundation promote educational, cultural, scientific and social initiatives.

The club has developed a total of fourteen projects (XICS and JES) that are now operational around the world, helping around 25,000 vulnerable boys and girls that are at risk of social exclusion in some of the most underdeveloped parts of the planet. Speaking about this, the vice president of the Social Area, Alfons Godall, stated “the Foundation is the tool Barša uses to express its social commitments to the rest of the world, we don’t just speak, but do things as well.”

United Nations Agreements

Orfes_beneficiaris.JPGAll of these programmes support Barša’s other action area, which are those based on collaborations with the United Nations through trendsetting alliances with UNICEF, UNESCO and UNHCR/ACNUR, in an effort to help 23,000 children all around the world.

As a result of the UNESCO agreement, the Foundation has developed a program called “The voice of young people against racism”, the conclusions of which will be presented on November 6 to the European Parliament.
Foundation reaches 25,000 children
Worldwide recognition
In recent times the Foundation has received awards in recognition of its achievements. In 2007 it was deemed worthy of the FIFA Fair Play Awards, the Laureus Award and the LFP Award for the best social action, as well as the FASPO award for innovation in sponsorship in response to the inclusion of the UNICEF logo on the football shirt.

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